Report on Health & Fitness Week

Report on Health & Fitness Week

18-23 November, 2019

Health Club CoordinatorMs. Poonam Ahuja
Health Club MembersMs. Preeti Kukkar, Ms. Minakshi
Teachers (Volunteers)Ms. Arohi Guram, Ms. Baljit Kaur, Mr. Subhrajit Barua, Ms. Rajwinder Kaur, Ms. Neelam Jhalli, Ms. Jyoti, Mr. Sumnish, Ms. Archana Barua and Ms. Snehlata.

‘Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.’

Holistic health is actually an approach to life. In an attempt to ensure holistic development of the students, ‘HEALTH AND FITNESS’ week was celebrated in school for the week -18 Nov -23 Nov 2019.This enhanced their knowledge, skills and positive attitude towards their health.

Physical wellness encourages us to take care of our body through physical activity, proper nutrition and a strong mind; it promotes optimal health. Mental and emotional wellness is equally important as the physical health. Mental health affects how we feel, think and act. Emotional wellness inspires self-care, stress reduction and development of inner strength.

So, to apprise students about the importance of being fit from all aspects and how this fitness can be achieved, different activities were conducted in the School during this week.

18 NOVEMBER 2019
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Symposium Presentation on ‘Physical, Mental and Emotional Fitness’ by the students of grade 7th. Students prepared charts and shared the required information with other students and teachers. To introduce the students with the concept of fitness, addressing the importance of being fit from all aspects be it physical, mental and emotional.
Beside the above activity some Stretching Exercises were performed by student during assembly. Stretching exercises provide body flexibility and increase blood flow to muscles.
19 NOVEMBER 2019
Name of the EventAim of the Activity Directions
‘Fun Nutrition Activities’ for students of grade 6th. To reinforce nutrition and fitness concepts for students, to make them learn about various food groups, servings etc. Students were provided with Fun Nutrition Activity worksheets. They were explained the different sections of the worksheets and were required to solve the worksheet from the information given to them during the school assemblies.
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Tips on ‘Healthy living Habits ‘were provided in the assembly. To apprise students that following some healthy habits like- drinking 2-3 litres of water daily, taking balanced diet, walking 3 km every day, sleeping 8 hours a day...etc can help in promoting overall good health.
Some Free Hand Exercises like side bends, shoulder streches etc were performed in the assembly.These exercises provided students flexibility and also improved their work performance.
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Poster Making on the topic ‘FIT BODY, FIT MIND’ by the students of grade 9th. To facilitate creative thinking and to express the knowledge in the form of colourful visuals. This activity also promotes team work.
Nutritional Facts in assembly To made students aware of some essential nutrients required for optimal health of the body ex- Vitamin E required for normal working of retina of eye, vitamin B12 for producing red blood cells etc.

Mass PT was performed in assembly so as to increase the energy levels of students, to improve their muscle strength and brain functions.
Exercises performed by students on regular basis made them much confident, it improved their coordination with each other and also helped in polishing their moves.

21 NOVEMBER 2019
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Poem writing (Hindi) on the topic ‘FIT INDIA SCHOOL’ by the students of grade 8th. Poetry helps the students to acquire natural speech rhythm. Students were therefore provided chance to pen down their knowledge with expressions in the form of a poem.
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Facts about ‘Exercises’ in the assembly. To provide knowledge about the various facts related to exercise. Example: Types of exercises, hormones released during exercise, benefits of doing exercises.
Mass P.T was done by students during assembly.
22nd NOVEMBER 2019
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Quiz on Health and Fitness It was conducted in assembly. Questions were asked from the information provided during assemblies of the week. To recapitulate the knowledge gained by students during the week.
Exercises were performed during the assembly.
23rd NOVEMBER 2019
Name of the ActivityAim of the Activity
Traditional game - Luka Chhupi was played by girls of grade 9th and 11th. To develop visualization and social skills among students. Also, to connect students to their culture in the modern age of electronics.
  1. Students now can track their daily nutrition intake by using the food tracker.
  2. They can help their parents fix their daily food plan.
  3. They also got to know about different nutrition values, different food groups etc.
  4. They are now familiar with different type of exercises.
  5. They can now encourage their friends and family members to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise routine and a healthy nutritious diet.